Snake River Stampede Whisky

For over 100 years, the men and women of American’s wild west have gathered in Canyon County to kick up some dust, and bust broncos at the Snake River Stampede. Some years ago we decided to honor them with a craft whisky deserving of a spot around the campfire after a rough ride in the arena.

“Designed in all ways — from the name to the bottle to what’s inside — Snake River Stampede Canadian Whisky is a frontier-styled cowboy whiskey through and through. Aged eight years, though, this ain’t saloon rotgut but rather a surprisingly erudite whiskey that would be at home in a high-class bar as it would on the range.” - Chris Null, Editor in Chief Drinkhacker

The Classic SRS

You’ll easily spot this tall, sender Gunsmoke-style bottle on the shelf. This signature Canadian whisky can be found in any bar, saloon, or select liquor stores across the country. It has a mash tasting notes including sweet caramel and cherry and is a favorite world wide for it’s smooth and light approachable palate. Best enjoyed over ice and under the stars in the sky.

Bill of 10% rye, 80% corn, and 10% malted barley and is aged 4 years in first-fill Bourbon barrels and 6 months in Oloroso sherry barrels. Awards include 2013 Silver San Francisco World Spirits and 2013 Silver, 2014 SIlver and 2015 Gold, GADF.

1915 - Limited 100th Anniversary Edition Whiskey

This whiskey was created to pay homage to the Great American Cowboy and the heroes who graced the Snake River Stampede Arena including Gene Autry, eight-time world calf roping champion Dean Oliver, and bareback bronc-riding champion, Clint Cannon. Our 100th-anniversary edition whiskey was born to keep the rodeo spirit alive.

This limited edition, small batched whiskey is double-barreled and aged in ex-rye barrels for an additional 2 years to create a more complex flavor with additions of caramel, honey, toffee, vanilla, and a hint of smoke. Bottled at 80 proof, this whiskey is round, sweet, spicy, and infinitely complex. Silver medal San Francisco Spirit Comp.

1915 - Limited 100th Anniversary Edition Whiskey

In efforts to produce more income in order to donate even more funds to local service clubs and charities, the volunteer Snake River Stampede Board began exploring the burgeoning industry of ‘rodeo whiskies’ after seeing the success of Pendleton Whisky.

Yet, the detail of how Snake River Stampede Whisky came into existence is a classical tale of two characters meeting on an epic journey on the western frontier. Steve Tester, a member of the Snake River Stampede Board for nearly 50 years, was on a flight from Boise to Portland when he met Bob Turner, a spirit expert in pursuit of opening a new distillery. The two realized they could help each other and began to explore the idea of creating a wild west whisky that could help both of them. They began to work with mixologist John Ufford to craft a true Canadian whisky with the flavor and punch of western rodeo, and the Snake River Stampede Whisky was born.

Now each July, thousands of cowboys, rodeo fans, and lovers of the western lifestyle sample the whisky creating demand all over the United States and worldwide. The money generated from whisky sales funds the rodeo’s ever-growing purse, which attracts better and better riders each year, allowing more ticket and concession stand monies to be donated back to the community.


July 16-20, 2024