2024 Bullfighters

Cole Stanley

Cole is originally from Southwest Ohio and now makes his home in Fort Scott, Kansas, where he attended Fort Scott Community College.      
He's been bullfighting at arenas across the country for 8 years and became sanctioned as  PRCA Bullfighter in 2021.  
  • 2021 "Bullfighter of the Year," Bull Riders Inc.
  • 2023 Prairie Circuit Final Bullfighter   
Dancing with the Devil
Bullfighters may appear to do a lot of “clowning around,” but their role is of utmost importance to the contestants. They prevent riders from being injured by the feisty bulls when their 8-second is over.  In many cases, these bullfighters have been responsible for saving a contestant’s life. For this reason, they must be in peak physical condition and mentally alert.  Most bullfighters and clowns wear good athletic shoes or cleats along with colorful, loose fitting clothing to divert the beast's attention from the contestant.

KC Cooper

KC began his bullfighting career 5 years ago. Since then he's worked for Saguaro Rodeo a CPRA and UPRA finals stock contractor and J&J Rodeo company a UPRA stock contractor of the year. He's worked the Senior Pro Rodeo finals, ABRF finals, the TX highschool finals,and the TX Jr highschool finals. 

Before KC became a bullfighter, he was a professional baseball player, playing for multiple organizations. Mostly in the independent leagues as a SS/C. He's fought bulls at the rodeos in Strong City Ks, Flagstaff Az and Springdale Ar to name a few.

KC is a family man and avid outdoorsman. He enjoys running his herd of angus cattle in East TX when at home.


July 16-20, 2024