The Wildest Fastest
Show On Earth

Specialty Act

Rider Kiesner

Rider Kiesner grew up as a 5th generation Cowboy. He was given a Will Rogers trick roping kit at the age of nine and began performing a Wild West act in Professional Rodeo with his family shortly after. Kiesner went on to become a 4X World Champion Trick Roper, 2X World Champion Gun Spinner, and 2X World Champion All Around Performer. He got his own PRCA act card when he was 18. Rider has many accomplishments including: 7X NFR performer, 9X Cheyenne Frontier Days, Ram National Circuit Finals, 2X Prairie Circuit Finals, California Circuit Finals and Mountain State Circuit Finals.

Bethany Iles

Bethany Iles did not grow up in a horse or rodeo family but came to love horses when she took lessons at 9 years old. She saw a trick rider shortly after sitting on a horse for the first time and knew that’s what she wanted to do!!! She and her twin and little sister would go on to perform an act together for the rest of their childhood. Bethany’s dream was to trick ride at a professional level. She achieved that dream by getting her PRCA card at age 19. Rider and Bethany joined forces 3 years ago and have gone on to work the Mountain State Circuit finals and the Prairie Circuit finals. The couple’s biggest accomplishment has been winning PRCA 2020 Dress Act of the Year.

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