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Bullfighters and Barrelman

Rider Kiesner

Rider Kiesner has loved entertaining people from a young age. He has been wowing crowds with his trick roping, whip cracking, and gun spinning abilities for over the last twenty years. He has performed in 14 countries including China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Oman, Lebanon as well as every state in America including Hawaii and Alaska. Rider has expanded his love for entertaining people by becoming a PRCA rodeo clown and barrel man 7 years ago.

Riders’ inspiration for clowning came from his dad who used to be a PRCA rodeo clown and barrel man. Rider learned a lot from his dad and still calls him before every performance for tips. While one of Rider’s jobs is to make people laugh, he also has a much more serious job which is to be his bullfighter’s “backup” and to help keep the bull rider safe, he does this in the arena during the bull riding in his Coors barrel. Rider has clowned at a lot of great rodeos as well as the Mountain State Circuit Finals and the Prairie Circuit Finals. He was nominated by his peers to be a 2020 top five Coors Man in the Can.

Name: Jacob Welker

Chasing dreams and making them come true has been Jacob Welker’s passion for bullfighting and life. He has been around rodeo his whole life and has always wanted to be a bullfighter since the very beginning. He remembers sitting through slack when they would have bull riding, and he would never move because he was so fascinated by the bullfighters.

Now he is living the dream and loving every minute of it traveling all over most of the Midwest fighting at many PRCA rodeos. One thing he tells every child that he encounters is, to have dreams and to chase them because there is no greater feeling than living your dream.

Welker, from Abbyville, Kansas is starting to make a name for himself and learning from the best guys in the business to further his career. Although with fighting bulls for over a handful of years now, he has been selected to work many KPRA, CPRA, college rodeos, Kansas Junior High and High School State Finals. He also spent a summer up in Cody, Wyoming where he fought bulls everyday in July.

Welker, who graduated from Fort Hays State University in 2017 with a Degree in Recreation and Sports Management, but is focusing on making his career in bullfighting. With getting his PRCA card, he has big plans in the upcoming years ahead. This year is going to be a big year because he will be traveling all over the Midwest and even up to Montana and Utah and also the amateur rodeos as well. When Jacob is not on the rodeo road, he is working full time at a feed mill close to home. Jacob has many goals set for bullfighting in his career, and just like any other bullfighter he wants to work the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

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